pic1Day 1

The kids are coming! Seeing the little faces peering out of the bus is one of the most exciting parts of camp. One by one the kids, both excited and nervous, exit the vehicle and are paired with you. Their little hands slide into yours and you head back to your lodging to prepare for the week.

pic2Days 2-4

Congratulations, you and your translator are now proud parents for the week to two amazing children. Your responsibility is to make sure they are fed, dressed, bathed and physically taken care of throughout the day. Of course this includes a bedtime story and tucking them in at night.

During the day you and your camp group will take the children out to experience firsts. These include swimming, eating ice cream, singing, coloring, crafting, playing games and your nightly dance parties. While this is fun and an incredible experience, it’s the inbetween moments that change lives… it’s comforting your children when they are sad, it’s carrying them when they are too tired to walk, and it’s the listening and loving in the midst of the daily activities. This is what brings healing and shows the kids what it means to be loved and valued.

pic3Day 5

This is by far one of the hardest days emotionally. It’s when you have to let go and let your children return to the orphanage. It’s the day when you read aloud the letters you’ve written to each other…it’s your last hugs…it’s the last moments you get to say “I love you and will never forget you.” Their belongings are packed up, tears are shed and you watch your kids drive away. You are now left with memories and a passion to do something about this. You are now responsible for making those children’s voices heard.

pic4After Camp

Most overseas volunteer opportunities end when you fly home, leaving you with memories, pictures and a life changed. But with Bring Me Hope, you can continue to have an impact. Once you’re home, you can advocate for the kids’ needs and help find adoptive families. You will be provided with the tools and training to truly change lives forever.

2016 Winter Camp

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January 23rd – 29th, 2016


Xian, Dongguan, Tianjin



($350 for those living & serving in China)

Registation Deadline

December 25th, 2015

2016 Summer Camp

Please contact James for 2016 summer camp details. james@bringmehope.org

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Genesis Diez

Volunteer to help hurting kids in Mexico.


Quotes from Camps

Volunteering at a Bring Me Hope camp was one of the best weeks of my life. My daughters and I were able to really make a difference in these kids’ lives while also establishing long-term relationships with some of the Chinese translators.

Jeff, volunteer

Different culture, different ages, different colored skin, different languages – but we can get along with each other. I think this is only because of your love. Thank you. Thank you for the memories you left me. I will lock them deep in my heart.

Miah, camper

You are the only person who can play with me happily every single day so far. You make me sorry about nothing but have fun. All in all, I don’t know how to describe. If you have to let me describe, I will use five words: you are a good person.

Tom, camper

There is no doubt Bring Me Hope is my best gain in life. It helped me realized my real value. I never thought that one week could change a person’s life, but it did.

Jessica, translater

Nothing beats seeing someone who has felt unloved with a huge smile on their face and knowing you helped put it there. I can honestly say, I am never sure who benefits more from camp: us or the kids.

Carm, volunteer

It is beyond my imagination all the activities done at camp. We felt the warmth and love of a family. Kids like us can’t imagine we could ever come here and enjoy life like this.

Yanhong, camper

Read About the Impact of Camp

Read About the Impact of Camp